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Unleash the chef in you

Enjoy quick and easy steaming, baking, grilling and anything in between, with just a few presses of a button.

The new multi function steam oven presents a novel way of cooking that doesn’t alter or blunt flavors, but rather enhances them. It does this through its innovative technology combining hot air and water to cook with both convection and steam - locking in the moisture and the flavor in the most natural and healthy way.

Why is multi function steam oven better?

Better than any microwave

allows you to reheat food to freshly-cooked perfection - without microwave radiation.

Better than
conventional ovens

Use the Steam & Bake function for perfect crusty-soft bread every single time. Just add distilled water and you’re ready to bake.

Better than outdoor grills

With the optional grill plate (sold separately), enjoy tender juicy steak with perfectly grilled marks. Try it for yourself, you’ll never want to leave your home for a great steak night again. Buy now.

Perfect Results, Everytime.

Adjustable digital presets with precise cooking temperature ensures perfect results every time. Unlike regular ovens that maintain just one cooking method (convection baking) and a single temperature all throughout, the Multi-Function Steam Oven adjusts not just the heat, but also the humidity and timing depending on your intended outcome. This results is a more even cooked meal with superior taste, texture, and nutritional content.

The Steam & Bake function in action

At the start, the steam and heating element operates simultaneously, until the desired temperature is reached, Afterwards, they would function alternately until optimal cooking is achieved (see above graph representation).


Family-sized Capacity

Generous 24.3 quarts (23 liters) capacity,
fits up to 10”x14” pan, 10” pizza, or a 10 pound turkey

All-in-One Cooking

Satisfy any cravings with 52
customizable preset menus.

52 Preset Menu

Cooking made easier with built-in Preset Menu at your fingertip.

Simple & Intuitive design

Anything and everything you need are at your fingertips, thanks to the its intuitive touch control panel and large LED display.

Easy to use in just 3 Steps

Fill the water tank with water, then press POWER to turn on the oven.
Select a preset menu, or select a cooking function.
Adjust the temperature and time, then press START | PAUSE to begin cooking.

Included Accessories

The comes already comes with a complete set of accessories that can help you level up your cooking. Whether you want to steam, bake, roast, air fry or even grill, there’s an accessory to make meal prep a lot more efficient.

Wire Rack

Drip Tray

Bake Tray

Perforated Steam Tray

Mesh Tray

Reversible Grill & Griddle Pan

Sold separately


Easy-to-clean stainless steel interior coupled with a Steam Clean function to help soften and loosen grime inside the steam oven makes cleaning a breeze.

Experience cooking meals in like never before.

Start your steam oven journey with these tried and tested recipes.

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