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Baumann Living Kitchenware and Appliances. For the sheer pleasure of cooking.

Most people think that cooking happens behind the scenes. But for Baumann, kitchen life takes center stage.

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are prepared and where the magic happens. Pots gurgle and scents fill the air, drawing people in for a taste. Food preparation is a family affair, and recipes are passed on like oral tradition.

People who cook know that meal creation is an art form. Half of it is intuition, and for that, you need intuitive tools. That’s why Baumann puts special care into the instruments created for your cooking pleasure. Combining classic designs and modern features, the Baumann kitchen range aims to aid and delight home cooks everywhere.

It’s those little touches that make a difference – subtle improvements with exponential results. There’s the addition of custom modes for extra versatility, and hybrid features for increased functionality. There’s the deliberately larger-capacity appliances to cook more in less time, and streamlined controls for ease of use. And because these tools are meant to be used daily, they’re crafted with durable materials.

Baumann’s range of kitchenware and appliances aid not just the hand, but also the heart. Crafted with highgrade materials, they make full use of the latest technology to aid cooking. At the same time, they are designed to intuit the needs of the home chef – practicality, simplicity, versatility.

By removing limits and complexity, Baumann helps unleash boundless culinary creativity.

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